Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Ha Van Sinh

(Senior Lecturer in English & Language Education)

Year of birth: 1957

83 Yersin, Nha Trang

Telephone: (84 58) 3827988; cell phone: (84) 0914017172


(Updated 2017)

  1. Doctor of Education, La Trobe University (Melbourne – Australia); (1999 – 2004); dissertation: “Input and interaction training in pre-service EFL teacher training in Vietnam
  2. Master of Education Studies – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of South Australia (Adelaide – Australia); 1997 (under 1997 AusAID Development Scholarship).
  3. Bachelor of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), College of Education, Ho Chi Minh City National University (1975 – 1979).


  1. Managing

I have had 38 years of experience in designing language curricula, coordinating international projects on language education, and managing activities in various language education institutions at different levels. I am now managing a reputable language center in Nha Trang.

  • 1994 till now: Director of PTC Language Center in Nha Trang.
  • March 2008 – June 2009: Head of the Foreign Languages Department, Nha Trang Teachers Training College.
  • 2001 – 2006: Deputy Head the Foreign Languages Department, Nha Trang Teachers Training College.
  • 1986 – 1989: Head of the English Section, Foreign Languages Department, Nha Trang Teachers Training College.
  • 2002 – 2003: Coordinator of Teacher In-Service Education program, Vietnam – Australia Training Project in Hanoi.
  • 1989 – 1993: Deputy Director of NACENFOL (National Center for Foreign Languages, Hue College of Education), Nha Trang Branch.
  1. Teaching:

Teaching has been part of my life since I graduated from university in 1979. I have taught English as a foreign language to children, adults, business people, office workers, and university English majors. Training teachers of English has also been a regular job when I train pre-service EFL teachers for primary and high schools, in-service EFL teachers in over 20 different colleges and universities from North to South Vietnam. This has given me empirical experience to my lectures on communication and language education to graduate students in several Vietnamese universities and Australian MBA, MA TESOL programs in Vietnam. 

  •  2005 till now: visiting lecturer for MA TESOL programs at Can Tho University, Vietnam and for MA TESOL programs at HCM City University of Social Sciences & Humanities (joint program with La Trobe University, Australia); EFL teacher-trainer for various collegiate institutions in Vietnam.
  • October 1979 – June 2009: English teacher and EFL teacher-trainer for Nha Trang Teachers-Training College.
  • 2006 – 2008: visiting lecturer for MBA programs of La Trobe University, Australia, based in Hanoi – Vietnam).
  • 1998 – 2004: teacher-trainer for English instructors from different colleges and universities under the Vietnam – Australia Training Project in Hanoi; instructor for the ADS Scholarship Pre-departure Training for scholarship awardees under the Vietnam – Australia Training Project in Hanoi.
  1. Supervising postgraduate theses
  • MA TESOL thesis: Cognitive Learning Strategy Use to Writing Performance in EFL Classrooms”, Nguyen Thai Huu (Can Tho University, 2007).
  • MA TESOL thesis: “Developing Non-English Major Students’ Vocabulary Knowledge via Extensive Reading, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram (Can Tho University, 2007).
  • MA TESOL thesis: “Exploring The Current ESP Textbook In Relation To The Needs Analysis Of Students In Nha Trang College Of Arts And Tourism”, Nguyen Thi Hoai Trang (Hue College of Foreign Languages, Hue University, 2008).
  • MA TESOL thesis: “Designing Supplementary Activities to Assist Visually Impaired Grade-6 Students in Learning English”, Bui Thi Ngoc Huong (Hue College of Foreign Languages, Hue University, 2008).
  • MA TESOL thesis: “Exploring EFL Teachers’ Perceptions towards Task-Based Language Teaching: A Survey in Tan Chau Secondary Schools”, Thai Buu Tue (Can Tho University, 2009).
  • MA TESOL thesis: “The Effects of Teachers’ Questioning Strategies on Students’ Involvement in Pre-Intermediate Level Speaking Classes”, Nguyen Thi Ut (Can Tho University, 2010).
  1. Examining postgraduate theses
  • 2005: External examiner of doctoral dissertation “Incorporating Culture into English Language Teaching in Vietnam” (University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • 2010: External examiner of doctoral dissertation “Teaching English in Vietnam: Improving the Provision in Private Sector” (Victoria University, Australia)
  • 2004 till now: External examiner of over 35 MA TESOL theses for Hue College of Foreign Languages and Can Tho University;
  1. Lecturing on culture and education

Talking to English-speaking people about the history, culture and education of Vietnam is one of my hobbies and occasional jobs. My excellent presentation skills in English and my knowledge and life experience of the country have facilitated the sharing of information and perspective with foreigners.

  • Occasional lectures on culture and education given to foreign tourists organized by different tour organizers, such as those on the Minerva cruise ship (2001) where I gave lectures to a group of American tourists during their trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • Training workshops on Vietnamese culture orientation given to volunteer students to Vietnam (GAP, 2002) or foreign business people (ILA, 2003) in HCM City.



All of my professional activities are related to language education. Achievements have been frequently shared with my peers via my research projects, presentations at local and regional conferences, my research work at an American university, and my works published by both national and international publishers.

  1. Research projects
  • Research conducted at the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, USA (as Fulbright Vietnamese Visiting Scholar) from June 2006 to March 2007): “The TEFL Practicum in Language Teacher Preparation & Development” .
  • Research projects conducted at Nha Trang Teachers Training College:
    • Reform of the Methodology Course for 3rd-Year Teacher Trainees of Nha Trang Teachers Training College”, 2002
    • Enhancing Teacher Trainees’ Ability to Analyse Effectiveness of Classroom Communicative Language and Interaction”, 2004
    • Improving the Teaching of English to Primary School Children in Khanh Hoa Province”, 2006

      2. Consultancy: Two years (2014-5) working as a strategic consultant for the National Project 2020 of Vietnam.

      3. Specific publications:

  • Book: Second Language Acquisition in EFL Teacher Training in Vietnam, 2009, Lambert Academic Publishing, Köln – Germany.
  • Book Chapter: Is Grade 3 Too Early to Teach EFL in Vietnam?, in English as a Foreign Language in Primary School, edited by Mary Lou McCloskey, Janet Orr, and Marlene Dolitsky, 2006, TESOL Inc., Virginia – USA (pp. 111-122)
  • Book Chapter: Self-Monitoring Capabilities: Teacher Education and TEFL in Vietnam, in Development & Language: Global Influences & Local Effects, edited by Joseph Lo Bianco, 2002, Language Australia Ltd, Melbourne – Australia (pp. 325-336)
  • Book review for Implementing the Lexical Approach: Putting Theory into Practice, Michael Lewis, TESOL JOURNAL, Volume 8/1 Spring 1999 (pp. 40-1)
  • Journal article: Narrowing the Gap between Theory and Practice in Language  Teacher Education in the US and Lessons for Vietnam, Nha Trang Teachers Training College SCIENCE JOURNAL January 2009 (pp. 72 – 78)
  • Journal article: Introducing a Methodology Course for First-Year Students, TEACHER EDITION, Issue 18 September 2005 (pp. 32-7)
  • Journal article: Improving the Self-Monitoring Capabilities of Teacher Trainees, TEACHER’S EDITION, Issue 11 March 2003 (pp. 28 – 35)
  • Journal article: For a More Effective Primary School English Program, THE GIOI MOI, Issue 435 May 2001 (pp. 12-6)
  • Conference paper: Requirements for a TOEIC-Oriented Program for English non-majors , Conference Proceedings, Hong Duc University, Thanh Hoa, 2010 (pp. 1 – 3)
  • Conference paper: Teaching English to Vietnamese Primary School Children in a Resource-Poor Context, ENGLISH NOW – Conference Edition Issue 8 May 2004 (p. 14)
  • Conference paper: A Model of Professional Development for Teachers of Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools, Conference Proceedings “Enhancing the Quality of Foreign Languages Teaching”, College of Foreign Studies, Hanoi National University, December 2004 (pp. 13)
  • Conference paper: Training high-quality Bachelors in English for the Community, Conference Proceedings “Training High-Quality Bachelors in Foreign Languages”, College of Foreign Studies, Hanoi National University, August 2004 (pp. 225 – 8)
  • Conference paper: Further Pedagogical, Social and Family Support for the Teaching of English in Primary Schools, Conference Proceedings “Training Teachers of Foreign Languages – Integration & Development”, College of Foreign Studies, Hanoi National University, 2002 (pp. 216 – 225)
  •  Conference paper: A Teacher-Training Program for The New TextbookConference Proceedings “Training Secondary School Teachers of Foreign Languages for the 21st Century”, College of Foreign Studies, Hanoi National University, 2002 (pp. 204 – 212)
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  • Conference presentation: Integration of Multimedia on PowerPoint Slides to Enhance Classroom Interaction, presented at the Fifth National Conference (held in Hanoi by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam & British Council December 2008), at the Fourth English Teaching Conference of VUS (held in Ho Chi Minh City by VUS July 2009), and at the Conference on “Curriculum Improvement” (held at Nha Trang Teachers Training College March 2009).
  • Conference presentation: Building up EFL teachers’ expertise in promoting classroom communication, presented at the Fourth International English Teaching Conference “Building Bridges to the World” (held in Phnom Penh by the National Institute of Education of Cambodia February 2008).
  • Conference presentation: A Nine-Point Template for Judging the Quality of Teacher Education Programs in the US and Implications for Vietnam, presented at the National Conference on Quality Control for University Education (held in Hanoi by the National Institute of Administration & the Ford Foundation November 2007)
  • Conference presentation: Teaching the “British Life” Course to Vietnamese Undergraduates: Promoting Independent Learning and Creativity, presented at the Third National Conference (held in Hanoi by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam & British Council December 2005),
  • Conference presentation: Early Start of EFL in Vietnamese Schools: Constraint and Support”, presented at the International Conference on Multilingualism in the  Classroom – European and Asian Perspectives (held in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong University April 2004)